Back and (hopefully) better than ever.

I bet you’ve been wondering where we’ve been. Basically the job of the blog has fallen to me (Julie), the queen of procrastination. Actually, it’s not so much procrastination in this case as ADKD (Attention Deficit Knitting Disorder) which basically means that whenever I am supposed to sit down and do something meaningful (i.e., that which I get paid for) I all of a sudden look up and say “Ooh, yarn!” and take off on another knitting project. This in itself is not so terrible given that I work in a yarn store but it doesn’t help in terms of getting other things (house-cleaning, cooking, general physical hygiene, pretty much anything that I have to put down my needles to do) done. I also like to consider myself an idea person, which basically translates to doing a lot of sitting and staring into space and not much else. Given these two qualities it’s amazing that I am typing even now.

Ooh, yarn! No wait…

So getting back to this ADKD thing, it seems to me that knitters fall into two distinct groups: those stalwart people who choose a project and stick to it like white angora onto black pants until said project is finished, and people who like to work on two or more projects at a time. Putting aside knitters who have something like 20 projects on needles at the same time (ahem. See above for that “Ooh, yarn!” issue) I think there is a good case for having at least three projects going at once: One easy (for TV knitting), another more challenging (to keep those brain neurons firing), and one smaller portable project for interminable train/plane/car rides.The problem for me with the one-project-at-a-time thinking is that there is simply too much temptation out there. Even if I had been a monogamous knitter, Ravelry would have killed it for me. I can never, in ten lifetimes knit all the things I want to knit. I would either have to knit like a machine or Jane Elliott (which is basically the same thing). But it doesn’t deter me from trying! However, even I have to admit that 20 projects may be too many to actually have on the needles at the same time. As such, I am turning over a new leaf and trying to finish at least 5 before starting anything new.

Ooh yarn!



Customfit Sweater Finished


Joanne finished her first Customfit sweater and was very pleased with the results. She found the directions very easy to follow and the fit is perfect. She used Cascade 128 Superwash (Bulky: 100% Merino, 128 yards).



  • Her Design Choices were:

    • Relaxed fit

    • Style: pullover

    • Length: Low-hip length

    • Sleeves: Full-length sleeve

    • Neck style: Crew neck

    • Neck depth: 2½”/6.5 cm below shoulders

    • Finishing:

      • Hem edging and height: 2×2 Ribbing, 2″/5 cm

      • Sleeve edging and height: 2×2 Ribbing, 2″/5 cm

      • Neck edging and height: 2×2 Ribbing, 6″/15 cm


“My First Hat”

Lara came in on the Saturday before Christmas to learn how to knit a hat that was to be a gift for her Dad for Christmas. She chose Cascade 128 (Bulky: 100% Superwash, 128 yards) and my Simple & Easy Hat for the Whole Family.




After her first lesson she had cast on,  joined in the round, and knit the ribbing.  She set her next lesson for Monday morning, she had goals and deadlines to keep.

Monday she finished her hat during her lesson. Lara was a delight to teach and I love how proud and happy she was with her hat.  It’s a good thing she had another skein of this yarn, I’m not so sure Dad is getting this hat. 😉